Friday, June 8, 2012

Fat Loss Success List Part 2

Continued from Fat Loss Success List Part 1

5) Eat multiple times a day. As interesting as it sounds, one of the keys to losing fat is to eat evenly portioned meals more often. Everyone's schedule is different so I recommend striving for at least 5 meals, and having as many as 8 if you can handle cooking and preparing that many.

6) Do exercise that you love. This is extremely helpful especially if you are just starting off with your fat loss or exercise program. If you don't like a certain type of cardio, then simply don't do it. Remember, exercise doesn't have to be boring, make it fun! Go for a hike with the dog on a beautiful day, take the kids to the park, or even swim some laps in your local pool.

7) Stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle everywhere with you. Once you finish it, fill it up. This will also give you a reason to take a 30 second break at the office when you have been sitting for a long time. Water can be amazing for fat loss. Replace it with any high calorie drink like soda, juice, or alcohol and reap the quick benefits.

8) 15 minutes of journal posting daily. A journal will be one of the most powerful tool you have with your fat loss goals. Write down any and all of your feelings along your journey to help you reach success quicker. It can also be used a planner, to jot down when you will be eating your meals the upcoming days.


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