Monday, July 2, 2012

Constant Continuous Consistency

Consistency plays a huge role when it comes to weight loss, and any other fitness goals. If we could all workout just once a week and eat properly just once a week, than we would probably all look the way we want to. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Achieving your goals happens when we follow through with what we must do on a daily basis. So, how can we do this?

Establish daily disciplines. Daily disciplines can be looked at as key fundamental steps that must be followed through with on a daily basis, to help you reach your goals. For example, let's say we wanted to lose 20lb. A great example of a daily discipline would be to cook and prepare all of your food that you would need for the next few days before you go to bed. This is a great example because it gives you a plan by preparing for the next day, and having all of your meals ready to go. Remember to buy, cook, and prepare all your food in bulk. This blog post will tell you why.

Another example of a daily discipline would be to take the dog for a 30 minute walk every day. This is something that you may or may not do already, but by writing it down, it designates it as your responsibility. Not only are you taking Fido for a walk, but you are exercising at the same time. Don't have a dog? Play with the kids for 30 minutes a day. Don't have any kids? Play your favorite sport for 30 minutes.

"James said you have to walk me!"
Make your daily disciplines fun! Keep in mind that there will be days where you don't complete some, many, or all of your daily disciplines. It is perfectly alright! Just imagine how many steps forward you take when you complete them over time. Having a day or two where you don't complete as many is only one step backwards. It will happen, and what we can do is just move on to the next day.

Some disciplines will be tougher to follow through with than others, but in the long run, keeping consistent with them will get you closer and closer to your goals. I highly recommend creating a journal to document your daily disciplines. You can write them down or even create a journal online. Doing that keeps you accountable, and most importantly, it allows you to track your progress and see how much you improved over time.

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