Monday, July 9, 2012

Super Size Me Not

For all of my SCSU friends, you might be familiar with the post I did recently about my favorite class: Stress Management. Thinking back to that class, not only was it full of many creative hands on activities, but it also included many movies. I absolutely love movies, and in that class, we watched Super Size Me. For those of you who haven't seen it, it is a documentary about how a man explores the consequences of his health while on a diet of eating strictly McDonalds for a month. Ahhh yes, the dreaded McDonalds.

If I had a penny for every time someone talked about how they ate fast food, and regretted it, I would be around three dollars richer. Most of us know by now that fast food can be some of the worst food for you, yet we find ourselves making those sporadic stops. Here are a couple of tips to help eliminate those unwanted visits.

1) Planning ahead. Failing to plan is planning to fail. The times that fast food restaurants are visited are often done spontaneously. If you know the times of the day that you plan on eating, chances are you would have already had a meal ready for that time. Which leads to...

2) Investing in Tupperware and a cooler. Let's say you are going to the beach, having a picnic, or even going on a road trip. Most of the time you would bring a cooler with you, correct? Even if it wasn't for food. Doing so will allow you to pack your own clean, healthy meals. Not only are you saving on money, but you are also saving on the amount of calories that can potentially pile up from fast food restaurants. It might seem like a little extra work, but your body will be thanking you.

3) Keeping smaller meals in your car. If you are driving and get hungry, these can act as your "emergency" meals. How about a small bag of almonds, peanuts, or pistachios. A scoop of whey protein and a banana, beef jerky, or even a homemade protein bar. Whatever it may be for you, be creative!

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