Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eating Less Without Realizing It

Two words: Portion size.

With some minor tweaks of the foods you are already eating, you can significantly reduce the amount of calories you are taking in to help lose those unwanted pounds. Allow measuring cups to be your best friend, especially if you are just starting out with your nutrition plan. How else are you going to know how many calories you are eating if your foods aren't measured? With more experience, 'eyeballing' your food will become a more appropriate option.

Whole grains are a must for measuring because they are so calorie dense. As healthy as they are, they can quickly add up in calories. If you are eating 3/4 cup of brown rice for a meal, transition to 2/3 cup. That is about a 20 unnoticeable calorie difference. If you eat brown rice twice through out the day, that is now a 40 calorie difference. Multiply that by 7 to get 280 less calories in a week. This can be done for other whole grains that can be measured such as oatmeal and whole wheat pasta.

How often do you check the labels when you purchase your (100% whole wheat) bread? I have seen breads that look identical in size but range from 80-120 calories, and that is for only one slice. You can see once again how these calories will add up. Let's use transitioning from 110 calorie bread to 90 calorie bread. Once again you save 20 calories per slice, but I know the majority of us eat a sandwich with 2 slices. Total that to 40 calories in a day, multiply that again by 7 and you have another 280 less calories in the week. 

Just from these two examples combined, you would be taking in 560 less calories in a week. Portion sizing and measuring your foods are extremely important because if done incorrectly, you could be taking in 560 more calories in a week. Have you been measuring your foods lately?

P.S. For foods that don't have labels, I use Calorie King.

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